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Michael  Hamill Bio Headshot


I am a UK lawyer (barrister), and a CEDR* trained and accredited independent mediator. 


I have a broad combination of both legal and commercial experience gained across 30+ years, in senior management and ‘in-house’ general counsel roles at well-known financial institutions, and in running my professional services business in London and Switzerland, and my commercial farming business in Zambia. 

Throughout my career, I have successfully negotiated thousands of commercial transactions and disputes in both the UK and internationally. This experience has taught me how to develop trust and understanding both with and between the participants, and how to help, inspire and guide them towards the practical commercial solutions they need. 

* CEDR is the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution, and it is internationally recognised as the standard of excellence for mediators.

If you are ready to try mediation, then I look forward to bringing my energy, creativity, intuition, empathy, patience, and persuasion to the situation, whether that be in relation to an existing legal dispute, or perhaps  as a way to avoid getting into such a dispute in the first place. 


Pro-Bono Mediation

From January 2023, I will be devoting my energy full-time to my mediation practice. As part of this, I will be offering a pro-bono (no fees) service to some clients for qualifying civil or commercial disputes. 


To qualify, the dispute should be a civil or commercial dispute, rather than personal/domestic dispute, and both parties need to demonstrate a good faith intention to try to resolve their dispute by mediation. 

On completion of the mediation, I would ask pro-bono clients to make a donation (of any amount they feel is fair) to a named charity. 

If this offer is of interest to you then please do not hesitate to contact me.

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