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I am a UK lawyer (barrister), and a CEDR* trained and accredited mediator, with extensive banking and financial markets experience.

I have more than thirty years experience in senior management and general counsel roles at leading financial institutions (Deutsche Bank and J.P.Morgan), and in running my own professional services business in London and Switzerland, and managing my agri-business interests in Zambia. 

More than fifteen years as a lawyer in investment banking has given me a deep understanding of financial markets, especially structured finance and derivatives. And my subsequent 15+ years in the general commercial sector has given me the distance to bring genuinely impartial perspectives to banking and financial litigation/disputes.

Throughout my career, I have negotiated thousands of commercial transactions and disputes in both the UK and internationally and this has helped me to develop a keen sense for where and how a deal can be done, and a feel for the ‘people factors’ that may need to be resolved in getting to that solution. 

* CEDR is the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution, and it is internationally recognised as the standard of excellence for mediators.

I'm a mediator because I enjoy helping people to find the solutions and reach agreements that let them move on with their lives and their businesses without the costs, uncertainties and stress of litigation.

So if you are ready to try mediation, whether that be for an existing legal dispute, or as a way to avoid getting into such a dispute in the first place, then please get in contact for an initial (no fees) discussion of the issues, so we can see if we might be able to work together.

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