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My Approach

Michael Hamill Mediation Services



I have completed thousands of complex negotiations, with pretty much every kind of person or entity you could think of, all over the world, from the Russian Minister of Finance to labour officers and trades union leaders in Zambia, and pretty much everybody in between! All of which, has given me a keen sense for where and how a deal can get done, and a reliable feel for the ‘people factors’ that may need to be resolved in getting to a workable solution. 

I begin each mediation by carefully drawing out the whole picture from both sides, so that I can be sure I have a proper understanding of their positions. I listen carefully and with an open mind to all perspectives, and I am used to handling detail and complexity without 'losing the wood for the trees'.

And I help the parties (confidentially) to examine and test the strengths and weaknesses of their positions, both from a legal and a commercial perspective, because this helps them to develop their sense of where a 'deal' might be found.

Whatever the situation, I bring all my energy, creativity, intuition, empathy, patience, persuasion and good humour to help parties get to a workable solution they can live with.

Mediation isn’t easy but the rewards really can be worth it!

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