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My Approach

Michael Hamill Mediation Services

I have been dealing with and negotiating complex commercial arrangements both as a lawyer and as a business owner for over 30 years. This somewhat unique background gives me a particular fluency and understanding of both the ‘legal reality’ and the ‘commercial reality’ of a situation, and the reasons why they may appear to be in conflict, and how that conflict might best be resolved. 

During this time, I have successfully completed thousands of complex negotiations, always by carefully balancing all the legal and commercial issues. This experience has helped me to develop a keen sense for where and how a deal can get done and a feel for the psychological drivers that play an important role in a negotiation, and which are often the “make or break” in arriving at a commercially sensible and workable solution.

I am committed to drawing out the whole picture on both sides of a dispute so that all aspects can be fully considered. I listen carefully and with an open mind to all perspectives, and I am used to handling detail and complexity without 'losing the wood for the trees'.

The broad range of my experience means I am adept at confidentially helping the parties to examine and test the strengths and weaknesses of their positions, both from a legal and a commercial perspective.

Importantly, I also help them to see those strengths and weaknesses from the other side’s point of view and this can also help them to develop their sense of where a 'deal' might be found.

Whatever the situation, I will bring all my energy, creativity, intuition, empathy, patience, persuasion and determination to help the participants reach a workable solution they can live with.

Mediation isn’t easy but the rewards are worth it.

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